How Do We Work

The Duxhill financing process includes a consulting phase followed by an investor relations phase, ending in a transaction and completion phase. When Duxhill Associates is engaged by the client, we go through a structured process which includes the following steps.

Financing Process

1. Engagement

  • Engagement letter to be signed with Duxhill
  • NDA , Advisory/ Due Diligence fee paid

2. Financial  Structuring

  • Financial Modelling 
  • Structuring of the financing

- Debt/equity

- Interest rates

  • Internal rate of return

3. Presentation  Material

  • Executive summary
  • Investor presentation in PowerPoint
  • Data room with project information

4. Presentation for Investors

  • Long list of investors
  • Contact with equity/debt investors
  • Management /promoter meetings with investors

5. Term Sheet Negotiations

  • Term sheet from interested investors
  • Negotiations
  • Final term sheet from investors and investors' exclusivity

6. Investor Due  Diligence

  • Data room made available
  • Site visits investors
  • Q&A Investors

7. Legals and Completion

  • Legal agreements
  • Negotiations
  • Completion
  • Pay out funds

Consulting Phase

As we are a combination of former management consultants and corporate finance experts, we are well positioned to take on complex projects which needs structuring and packing before they can be presented to investors. We tailor-make investor presentations and financial models to the specific case and the requirements of the investors we approach. This first consulting phase is a pre-requisite for succeeding in the next phase of getting investor traction.

Investor Relations Phase

We typically present the projects to our large and global network of private equity and debt funds, family offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, and sometimes more Strategic Investors. We go out to 10 investors at a time, and if necessary, we will continue that process until we get interest. The objective is to get 2-3 investors interested that each can take on the whole financing themselves. Full information package is only distributed upon investors signing NDA.

Transaction and Completion Phase

We will take the project management’s responsibility for the transaction and completion processes and to guide the client through negotiation of terms with the investor(s), investor's due diligence, legal agreements, and completion.

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