ABOUT Duxhill Associates

Duxhill Associates are corporate finance consultants with headquarters in London and cooperation partners in main markets around the world. We provide strategic and financial business advice and capital raising services for projects and companies in both emerging and developed markets.


Tailored Services

For every project, we put together a team of specialists, depending on the geographic location and industry of the client. We have a wide network of cooperation partners in all main financial markets from smaller corporate finance boutiques to large investment banks.

By structuring the team, we’re able to provide a service with quality and reach comparable to many larger investment banks. Duxhill Associates works both with privately held and listed companies. The minimum transaction size is USD 10M and upwards.


A Flexible Approach

Our role can vary from performing all the required services itself to being solely the introducer of other investment banks. However, we always retain the responsibility of providing a quality service and completing the project for each client.

What We Provide

Duxhill Associates has specific competence in the following industries:

Real Estate

  • Real Estate


  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • Retail

  • Hotels

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy


  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Hydro

  • Biomass


  • Agriculture

  • Financial Services

  • Telecom Services

  • Natural Resources


  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas

Investors We Work with

Investors We Work with

  • Private Equity

  • Hedge Funds

  • Infrastructure Investors

Pension Funds

  • Pension Funds

  • Insurance Companies

International Governmental Organisations

  • International Governmental Organisations

  • Family Offices

  • High Net Worth Individuals

Where Our Partners are

We have solid contacts in more local financial markets, such as:

Where Our Contacts Are

  • New York

  • Hong Kong

  • São Paulo

  • Johannesburg

  • Continental Europe and Scandinavia

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